With everything going on in the world right now, you have likely found yourself getting on top of the outdoor duties in-between homeschooling and ticking off the wifes every-growing DIY list. After all, the recent weather forecasts have certainly encouraged us to get outdoors more!

Whether you own a farm or smallholding or just have enough outdoor space and duties to require the use of an ATV, we’ve got the perfect utility quad to help you chew through whatever tasks lie ahead outdoors.

Why Chose The TGB Landmaster 600?

If you’re looking to spend a little less time working hard and more with your feet up enjoying your ‘hard-earnt’ labours the Landmaster 600 from TGB is a no-brainer.

We are so impressed with the Landmaster that we have put together three reasons why we think you’ll love it too – take a look.


Coming ready equipped with a three-way open cargo bed as standard, the Landmaster already offers more versatility than your average ATV.

Forget having to hitch up your trailer for a few ‘odds and sods’ because you’ve got one already integrated!

But we are only just getting started…

The TGB Landmaster combines a rather nippy 560cc 4-stroke single-cylinder EFI engine with all the functions and capability of a UTV. This allows the Landmaster to delivery exceptional agility and manoeuvrability over even the most tricky of terrains.

Come rain or shine; the Landmaster can cope with whatever is thrown it’s way – so you don’t need to worry if our blissful weather suddenly changes!

Power Steering as Standard

With this exceptional workhorse, you can forget having to bear the brunt of any heavy lifting!

That’s right; the TGB Landmaster comes equipped with electronic power steering as standard.

Electronic power steering is one of those things – once you’ve had it, you won’t want an ATV without it.

Not only does EPS significantly reduce the effort required to steer over difficult terrain, but it also reduces that unpleasant handlebar jarring when driving over rugged terrain.

TGB 5 Year Warranty

Understandably, everyone is looking for some form of peace of mind right now and what better way to achieve that than with a five-year manufacturers warranty!

That’s right. TGB is now offering all riders five-years peace of mind with every purchase. Not only is this currently the longest warranty on the market for ATV’s but it also gives customers great confidence during very uncertain times.

You can read more about their 5-year warranty here.